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Welcome to Café Racer.
We're moving!  We have officially ended business on Madeira Beach (Tampa Bay), Florida. 

Where are we moving to?  Well, that's a darn good question.  We are no longer impressed with the viability of the Tampa Bay area (or Florida, for that matter), so we are currently considering several areas that have real potential.
The Greater Atlanta metropolitan area seems quite promising. In addition to being a "busy town", there are plenty of nice roads around the area, a low cost-of-living , and they are much more "business oriented".  This definitely has first place in our hearts and minds. Once that is well established:

The Asheville, North Carolina area is very beautiful and very close to some nice twisty roads.  From what we've seen, we like it.  Potential to grow our business is our concern.

Speaking of North Carolina, Raleigh is very promising.  A little far from the area we want to focus on, but really cool place with nice roads and a thriving motorcycling community.

Knoxville, Tennessee seems promising as well, providing fantastic access to twisty roads and reasonable distances to several major markets in several states.

Got a suggestion for a promising area?  Let us know!
We no longer have a physical location, and we dropped the rather expensive phone line. Now, the best way to reach us is by e-mail at:
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